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It’s my birthday, It’s my birthday. I’m gonna get laid.

Steph.I.am ft You

A map of an Introvert’s Heart :)


'Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real? That's just how I feel'.

Getting dirt in your eye and thinking that’s not the sorta dirt you want in your eyes ;) aha.

I was talking to my Mum about a friend, my friend has just starting seeing a guy and in the past she’s had relationships with girls. So I told my Mum that she had just started seeing this guy and they were taking it slow, she seems really happy….My Mum was just like “But I thought she was a lesbian?!”

And her face was confused, she just couldn’t understand. It was one of those moments where you’re the adult trying to explain something to a child. It irritates me because sexuality to my Mum is you’re either straight or you’re gay….You’re neither in between. She can’t seem to grasp the concept that love is love whatever gender you are.

Sexuality is fluid, you can fall in love whatever gender you are and whatever gender you identity yourself as. Just be happy, treat the person you love with the upmost dignity, worship the ground they walk on, respect them, be open and honest with each other, trust them with your heart and soul, last but not least….simply love that person.

Don’t let people make it complicated.


She looks like she’s thinking, ‘You woke me up, I’m coming to claw your fucking face off.’